Process Control Solutions

A Company of Industrial Automation, Flow Metering & Electrical Equipments

Process control Solutions (PCS) offers the finest selection of Industrial Instruments, Electrical and Control products, and is uniquely qualified to provide application / technical support, installation and calibration services and product selection from an extensive line of Manufacturers.

A complete solutions company

All your Process Control needs right from concept to commissioning to have a one stop solution. We provide / deliver Instruments, Electrical Components, Enclosures, and complete Control System solutions customized to your needs with the latest in technology to improve process performance, enhance productivity, and maximize safety and compliance in the industrial sectors.

Be it a simple push button local control station or a computer based SCADA solution for your plant, we deliver it engineered to your satisfaction.

With a wide experience in the industry, we have won many permanent customers with our innovative & cost effective technical solutions.

We aim to exceed our customers' expectations, with a commitment to service and quality.

Industries we Serve

Oil & Gas Industry

Power Industry

Chemical Petro-Chemical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Water & Wastewater Industry

Food & Beverage Industry

Pulp & Paper Industry

HVAC Industry;

IronSteel & Metal Industry

Marine Industry

Minerals Mining